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Дpузья базаpят: - Вышел я недавно в лес с pужьишком. Иду, никого не тpогаю. И тут мне навстpечу медведь шатун. - Hу а ты что? - А я каpабин вскидываю - щёлк! - осечка! Я из втоpого ствола - щёлк! - осечка! А медведь - на меня бежит! - Hу а ты что? - А я бpосил pужьё и - дёpу. А медведь меня догоняет. - Hу а ты что? - А смотpю - овpаг с бpевном чеpез него, я - по бpевну. Добегаю до сеpедины, а с дpугой стоpоны на меня медведица. - Hу а ты что? - А я - ничего - съели они меня...
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Rapala Scatter Rap


Компания Rapala в марте 2013 представила новые воблеры: Scatter Rap Crank, Scatter Rap Shad, Scatter Rap Minnow.

Rapala Scatter Rap







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13:48:37 18.05.16
  смайлик   ...[Reply] The interview raises a lot of issues.Think about this....IF Malcolm X IS the father and he was born in Washington State... He IS a natural born Citizen. Hmmmmm....WHAT events beyond that disqualify <a href="http://xwrnjas.com">hi==============m=======================?Well,</a> I suppose the phonied up SSNs. That in itself says he&#39;s no kind of citizen. Whether that is due to his actual birth in Kenya to put more emphasis on the phony father or due to the Indonesian citizenship. The fraud bcs still point to his being born elsewhere.
09:11:31 17.05.16
  смайлик   Hello Mr. Swain,I have a question that steers away from the theme of the precursory questions. I see you have grown up in Maine, you currently live in Texas, and you&#8217;ve served in the air-force. I have realized subsequently that a <a href="http://uoxhecacoq.com">wr28ir&#te17;s</a> emotions affects a writer&#8217;s decision, even if subconscious, but I am wondering, while writing your page-turning book, do you relate any personal ties into your plot line that might affect certain outcomes?
00:06:45 17.05.16
  смайлик   I can't beelive I've been going for years without knowing that.
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